5 Reasons to love your skin––Musings of a NYC dermatologist

Love, love, love your skin!
Love, love, love your skin!

Your skin does so much for you.  Do you even know all the ways that your skin serves you?  In honor of Valentine’s Day, we give you a list of 5 reasons to love your skin:

1. It’s waterproof !  In a dry environment your body fluids don’t evaporate and when in an aqueous environment they don’t get diluted or washed away.

2. It helps keep you warm- the skin’s has the ability to regulate superficial heat loss

3. It keeps you safe– your skin is your largest immue organ.  It provides physical and immune barriers to a variety of infections.

4. It keeps you held together.

5.  Your skin even helps your heart!– When the skin is not functioning in the regulation of body temperature and fluid loss, there is more of a risk for someone with heart disease to have a heart attack.

So, remember this Valentine’s Day to give your skin some love–it deserves it.

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~ Buddha


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