The Power of Partnering with a Board-Certified Dermatologist For Professionals in Hair Care

Do you have clients with hair loss, scalp issues or razor bumps? Have you exhausted what you can do to help? Enhance your power by teaming up with a dermatologist!       In the dynamic world of hair care, stylists, barbers, and trichologists play a pivotal role in helping clients achieve their desired looks. […]

Boil vs Pimple: What’s The Difference?

Boil vs pimple is the case we are looking at today. When it comes to skin conditions it can be hard to tell the differences between certain ones.  After reading this post you will be able to know the difference when it comes to these two.   Boil vs Pimple – the Differences Boils and […]

How To Treat A Poison Ivy Rash

Spending time outdoors and enjoying nature is one of the best parts of summer, but it can also expose us to certain risks — like poison ivy rash. This common and poisonous plant causes an itchy and uncomfortable skin rash when its oil, called urushiol, comes into contact with the skin. If you have a […]

Unlock your natural beauty: Exploring the World of Tweakments

Humans are social animals, and as such,  appearance has always mattered. From ancient times, people had used whatever technology they’ve had to look how they want. Although we might think of a cosmetic treatment as something to address the signs of aging, even those with youth are interested in finding effective ways to enhance their […]

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Skin Care

Travel skin care is the last thing you are probably thinking about when getting ready for any type of travel; however, it’s important to understand that traveling takes a serious toll on your complexion. These simple tips will help you put your best face forward — no matter where your adventure takes you. And remember, […]

3 Summer Skin Care Tips for a Radiant Glow

With all the heat and humidity that comes with summer, you’ll need to protect your skin to maintain its health and prevent UV damage. These three tips are summer skin care essentials that will keep your skin healthy, protected, and looking refreshed. Skin Care Tips to Follow During the Summer With all the time spent […]

How to Treat a Severe Sunburn

Knowing how to treat a severe sunburn was the last thing on your mind when you spent all day yesterday at the beach. You wake up this morning sore all over. Just the slightest movement stings your entire back, and you instantly know you’re sunburned. You just happened to forget sunscreen and didn’t realize you […]

How to Get Rid of Cold Sores

So you want to know how to get rid of cold sores? You wake up one morning, and there it is again Those familar bumps that seem to be growing by the minute. Yes, of course you want to know how to get rid of cold sores, so on that note, let’s explore how to […]

Consider These Treatment Options for Postpartum Hair Loss

If you’ve recently had a child and are concerned about hair loss or hair shedding, then you should keep reading. Many women don’t realize that postpartum hair loss is even a factor they have to consider. But after giving birth, typically around the three-month mark, estrogen levels in women start to drop dramatically, and a […]

3 foods that cause acne

  Patients often wonder if are there foods that cause acne.  Acne is a complex disease. It affects both men and woman, adults and teens. and people of all ethnic backgrounds. Acne is the most common skin disease.  Most people are familiar with the onset associated with the hormonal changes of adolescence, and the menstrual […]

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