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DPN Removal before and after:  Dermatosis papulosa nigra, or DPN, is a benign condition that runs in families. DPNs are small, brown, scaly, stuck-on appearing papules that appear on the face and neck usually starting after the age of 30.  Histologically these lesions are a type of seborrheic keratosis which is a non-viral, wart-like lesion.  Some people confused these lesions with moles or nevi–however they are not moles. DPNs tend to be more common in people with skin of color, especially African Americans.  Dermatosis papulosa nigra are benign, but many people want them removed for cosmetic reasons.

At Aglow Dermatology, DPN removal is a procedure that takes about 20-30 minutes depending on how many lesions are treated.  After face washing, we apply numbing cream for about 10 minutes.  We then use a device called a hyfrecator to carefully burn the lesions off with minimal effect on the underlying skin. We then apply petroleum jelly to the little erosions on the skin to facilitate healing.  After DPN removal it is important to stay out of the sun until the lesion heal to prevent hyperpigmentation.  Also continue to apply petroleum jelly to prevent scab formation.  The treated areas typically heal in about a week.

Below is a before and after of DPN removal on the face of an African American woman in her 30s.  The after picture depicts how the patient looks right after the procedure.

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Description: This is an example of a before and right after of DPN removal on the face of an black woman in her 30s. Lesions are instantly gone, however, there may be some mild redness or erosion. Post procedure care is important to not develop scabs or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Results vary.

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