DPN removal: Deal of the Day- Dec 1

DPN removal is one of our highest satisfaction procedures. Who would think that this fast, affordable and simple procedure would make so many patients smile.

What are DPNs?

DPNs (dermatosis papulosa nigra) are non-viral wart-like lesions that run in families. They more common in patients of color. They are benign. DPNs are usually asymptomatic but can sometimes itch or become painful usually with trauma. DPNs usually start to appear after age 30 and accumulate with time this is why some people feel that they make them look older.

Do I need to get my DPNs removed?

Removal is optional. Some people want to keep these facial and neck lesions, often referred to as “moles,” removed because they are a family trait. Others want to remove them for the same reason. Whatever the motivation, after the procedure patients generally feel that their face looks clearer and fresher.

What happens during DPN removal?

At Aglow Dermatology getting rid of DPNs involves washing the face, applying a topical numbing cream for a few minutes, then lightly burning them off with a machine called a hyfrecator. Petroleum jelly is then applied to the minor wounds and the patient can go home. Wound care is simple staying out of the sun, keeping the area clean, and applying petroleum jelly twice daily until the lesions are completely healed– which take about a week. DPN removal is a low-risk procedure the risks being pain, burn, infection scarring and dark marks.

Removing DPN lesions is fast and easy with minimal down time and provides instant satisfaction. Take advantage of our deal of the day of $397 to remove 20 DPNs (regularly $300).

DPN removal – before
DPN removal- immediately after

Want to remove some DPNs and clear your face for the holidays? Call 212-627-1004 to schedule an appointment or request an appointment on line here. THE DEAL REPEATS ON DECEMBER 21st and 28th, 2020.

Watch one of our early Youtube vidoes on DPN removal here.

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