Money, “Yelp!” and health insurance fraud- Musings of an NYC dermatologist

After many years of practice, I am finding that money makes people “Yelp,” while the real issue is health insurance fraud. Money-related matters seem to be the biggest irritant for health care consumers these days.  Are you surprised?  Times are hard.  Notwithstanding, manifestations of the irritation seem to be finding their way, more and more, […]
Antibiotics 1

Antibiotics for acne: understanding the strategy

Antibiotics for acne is a common strategy to address the condition.  This leads some people to think that acne is an infection.  After all, acne can even look like an infection. This isn’t the case. Additional reading: Learn more about acne treatment here. Acne vulgaris is a multi-factorial (meaning a lot of different things cause […]

The Vicious Cycle of Hair Weaves, Braids, and Hair Loss

Hair weaves and braids, usually with extensions,  are popular hairstyles, especially among African-American women.  Sometimes these styles are for fashion.  Other times they are to mask the problem of balding.  The real problem is that these styles can cause permanent hair loss.  A study published in the April issue of the Archives of Dermatology supports […]

Does smoking affect your skin?

Most people are aware of the many health hazards of smoking as they pertain to the heart, lungs and the increased risk of many types of cancer.  Some may wonder, however, does smoking affect your skin? Smoking has several negative effects on the health and beauty of your skin and hair.  In case you needed […]

Why do Dermatologists often Recommend Hair Removal By Threading?

Other than the types of hair removal that can be offered in a medical setting , such as light-assisted (laser/IPL) or prescriptions, there are other choices, such as hair removal by threading, that people have that may by more appropriate in certain circumstances.  For example, non-permanent techniques of hair removal are often preferable for the […]

Why healthy skin is beautiful skin

 At Aglow Dermatology, our motto is “healthy skin is beautiful skin.” What does this mean? Isn’t health more important than beauty? Or are they not so different?     A patient once asked me if it were okay that she were in my office to treat her acne.  Although her acne was not the worst, […]

Revolutionary skin- Musings of a NYC dermatologist

What did Che Guevera and Dr. Betty Shabazz have in common? If you answered a respect for the importance of healthy, beautiful skin, then you are correct–revolutionary skin. In addition to their contributions to political history, Che Guevara, one of the architects of the Cuban revolution, and Dr. Shabazz, widow of Malcolm X and a major […]

Skin care products: is it a cosmetic or a drug?

Skin care products: did you know that the difference between what makes a cream you apply a cosmetic and what makes it a medicine is a legal matter?  It’s not straight forward, but here is some insight.   Skin care product: what is the is the intention? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA- the government […]

Best foods for healthy skin

Introduction Have you ever heard the popular phrase “You are what you eat?” Whether you like it or not your diet will reflect itself on your skin. Eat healthy food, and you will look healthy. Eat junk food, you won’t be looking good. That is why it is important to know the right foods to […]

5 Reasons to Love Your Skin

Do you love your skin? You should. Your skin does so much for you.  Do you even know all the ways that your skin serves you?  In honor of Valentine’s Day, we give you a list of 5 reasons to love your skin: 1. Your skin is water waterproof!  In a dry environment, your body […]

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