Rogaine vs Revian Red

Revian Red or Rogaine? Both Rogaine, an over-the-counter drug, also known as minoxidil, and the Revian Red hair growth sytem, an LED red light therapy for hair growth device, are approved to treat familial hair loss. What is the difference between the two?


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If one has hair loss or thinning, it’s important to consult a doctor, preferably a board-certified dermatologist with expertise in hair loss, in order to determine the cause.  There are many types of hair loss, or alopecia. Some types of hair loss are associated with serious health conditions or can cause scarring.  Most people with hair thinning that runs in the family, however, have what is called familial hair loss, andrognetic alopecia, female or male pattern balding.

With the approval of Rogaine, the original brand of topical minoxidil, for the treatment of familiail hair loss it has eventually become common to seek at home solutions for this type of alopecia.  Although approved for a specific type of hair loss, Rogaine is commonly used in the treatment of many other types.  The Revian Red cap, the first LED technology indicated also for androgenetic alopecia, is now an alternative to Rogaine.  With two effective choices, how does one decide which is the better option?

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Rogaine vs Revian Red- similarities

  1. Rogaine and Revian Red are both at home hair loss treatments available over-the-counter or online and can be used at home
  2. Both are approved for androgenetic alopecia which usually presents as hair thinning at the crown of the scalp, recession of the hair line,  or hair thinning on the front of the head starting after puberty.
  3. Both have to be used chronically if used for androgenetic alopecia as neither is a cure for this genetic, long-term condition
  4. The topical drug and the device both seem to work by promoting blood flow around the hair follicle
  5. Both are often used off-label, inconjunction with other therapies, to treat other types of  hair loss.

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Rogaine vs Revian Red- differences


  1. Topical minoxidil is a drug.  It is FDA approved.
  2. It must be applied to the scalp once or twice a day.  It wets the hair.
  3. Minoxidil cannot be used while pregnant or nursing.
  4. It may cause scalp itching.
  5. Rogaine can cause unwanted facial hair.
  6. Minoxidil cost anywhere from $141-420/year (source: Allure).
  7. Rogaine may be a better choice if one is treating a short-term problem (e.g. telogen effluvium surgery).

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    Revian Red:

  1.  The Revian Red cap is a device that is FDA cleared.
  2. Revian Red has two other mechanisms of action in addition to promoting bloodflow as does Rogaine.  Revian Red also reduces inflammation and inhbits DHT.
  3.  The Revian Red cap is used once daily for 10 minutes.  The device has approximately 60K treatments on it (i.e. a life time). It is controlled in an app on one’s smart phone.  This also allows tracking of compliance and results .
  4. The cap can be used while pregnant or nursing.
  5. Other than a feeling of warmth there are no common side effects.  The Revian cap does not cause itching or facial hair.
  6. The total cost is $1,495 (save $550 with code: GROWME). One can set up a payment plan. The company offers a 100% money-back guarentee at six months.
  7. The cap also reduced inflammation which can be helpful in certain types of hair and scalp conditions.
  8. Revian Red may be a better choice for a long-term problem, if pregnancy or nursing is a consideration, if there are issues with scalp inflammation, or one does not want to apply something wet to the hair on a regular basis.

Got hair loss? Either Rogaine or Revian Red may be the answer, or one of the answers, to your problem.  As always, unless you know what types of hair loss you have,  get a diagnosis before you treat. To schedule a consultation with our dermatologist for hair loss call 212-627-1004 x 1 or send a message here.


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