Dermatologist Recommended hair growth products

5 Dermatologist recommended hair growth products

5 dermatologist recommended hair growth products – introduction

It’s important to get a diagnosis if you are experiencing hair loss. These dermatologist recommended hair growth products, however, can be helpful for people with many types of hair loss as well as those who don’t have alopecia but who want more vitality to their hair.  We often recommend these products to our patients with a variety of hair loss problems as part of their treatment plan.  This list does not take the place of a doctor’s advice.  Note:  Some links in this post may result in us benefitting from a third-party sale. 

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1. Revian Red

dermatologist recommended hair growth products
Revian Red

Revian Red is an FDA-cleared medical device clinically proven to stimulate hair growth in people with androgenetic alopecia.  It works using LED (light emitting diode therapy) or red light light therapy.  LED also helps with wound healing and skin aging.  The Revian Red cap works by targeting 3 pathological factors in pattern hair loss:

  • decreased blood flow
  • inflammation
  • DHT production

These factors may play a role in other types of hair loss.  The Revian Red hair growth system can be helpful in combination with other therapies for other types of hair loss as well.  Again, if you are not certain that you have male or female pattern hair loss, we do recommend getting a diagnosis first before using this product.  Users control the device with an app on a smartphone.  It comes with a money-back guarantee.

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2. Phyto 7 botanical hydrating day cream

dermatologist recommended hair growth products
Phyto 7

One of our favorite products for patients who come in with hair loss or hair growth problems secondary to brittle hair is Phyto 7.  Aggressive heat, drying products, relaxers and hair dyes can damage and dry the hair.  Like the skin, the hair can get dry.  Dry hair is more likely to break — which prevents growth.  Phyto is a French botanical brand that is derived from plant extracts.  Just apply a quarter sized amount to the hair– especially the ends.  People with severely dry hair might prefer Phyto 9 which has additional oils.

Bonus: We recommend use of deep conditioners weekly for people with brittle hair.  Our  favorites are Redken All Soft Heavy Cream, Phytoelixir intense nutrition mask, or Phytojojoba moisturizing mask

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3. Nutrafol

dermatologist recommended hair growth products

This dermatologist recommended hair growth product, Nutrafol, is a medical-grade supplement clinically proven to increase hair growth.  It contains many nutrients which address the effects of stress, environment and nutrition on hair growth. It contains fish so it is not appropriate for vegetarians and vegans.  We often recommend Nutrafol for a few months, like changing the soil for a plant, for better hair growth for people with the without alopecia. There are formulations for women, women in peri- and menopause, and men.

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4. Vegamour

For people who want a plant-based option, Vegamour is a vegan supplement that can be helpful for hair growth.  The supplement contains nutrients such as zinc, vit D, and the B-vitamins that can be harder to get on plant-based diets.  These are important for hair growth.

5. Rogaine | Dermatologist recommended hair growth product

dermatologist recommended hair growth products

The original brand for minoxidil, Rogaine, a seminal ingredients in hair growth.  Rogaine foam is FDA approved for androgenetic alopecia.  Dermatologists commonly recommend it as an additional tool for patients with other types of hair loss.  Ironically, Rogaine often gets a bad reputation for the hair falling out when one stops using it.  This is a misconception about what is going on. Indeed, this drug is not a cure, but a treatment, for hair loss. The effects wear off over two years when the drug is discontinued.  Studies have shown that the foam is less irritating.  There are formulations for both women and men.  The men’s formulation is stronger and can be used by women as well.

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Dermatologist recommended hair growth products- conclusion

There are many hair growth products on the market. Here are just a few. These are some of the science-backed products that we recommend. We’ve seen great results in our practice.

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