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Are you dealing with the discomfort and unsightly appearance of a cyst? Are you are wondering where to go for cyst removal surgery?

Although people seem to love watching pimple popping videos, they don't always love having a lump which is sometimes unsightly, painful or even smelly on their body. Treating a cyst is something that should not be done at home. Although cysts are benign, people often request that they be removed. At Aglow Dermatology, we are experts in removing cysts with minimal down time and scarring.

Additionally, we will address common concerns such as cost, insurance coverage, and finding the right specialist in NYC. By the end of this guide, you will be well-equipped with the knowledge to navigate the process of cyst removal with confidence and ease. Don't let a cyst hold you back any longer – let's get started on your journey to a cyst-free life in NYC.

Types of cysts

A cyst is a sac with a collection of fluid and other substances. Cysts can vary in size and can occur anywhere, from the skin to internal organs.  They types of cyst dermatologists typically treat are follicular cysts. Follicular cysts are blockages in the hair follicles of the skin.  They start much like acne does. These often go by the name sebaceous cyst, epidermoid cyst, epidermal inclusion cyst and pilar cyst.

Follicular cysts can be caused by trauma, infections, ingrown hairs, blockages of ducts, or genetic conditions. People who are more prone to acne may be more likely to develop cysts.

cyst with punctum
Classic follicular cyst with punctum

Reasons for cyst removal

While most cysts are harmless and don't require treatment, some can cause discomfort, pain, unpleasant odors, or affect one's appearance, necessitating their removal. A common reason people may elect to remove a cyst is that they are prone to rupture and inflammation. This can cause pain and discharge. A ruptured cyst can mimic an infection, such as a boil, which is also a cause of concern.  Although acne and cysts start the same way, with a clog, a cyst isn't going to go away without surgery.

Can a dermatologist remove a cyst?

Can a dermatologist remove a cyst? Absolutely! One of the many advantages of having a board-certified dermatologist, such as Dr. Strachan at Aglow Dermatology, remove a cyst is that they are able to be effective while making the procedure minimally invasive.

One of the things that is important to understand with cyst removal is that draining the contents of a cyst does not complete the job. Cysts have a lining that keeps generating more oil and dead skin cells.  If this is not removed the cyst will fill back up. So, the popular incision and drainage, a procedure commonly used for boils, in which the cyst is numbed, followed by a small incision and removal of its contents, may provide temporary improvement but presents the risk of the cyst coming back.  Pimple popping creates the same problem.  We don't recommend draining sebaceous cysts at home. Unlike an acne lesion, or pimple, a  cyst will regenerate. Complete cyst removal requires excision of the sac.

Will a dermatologist remove a cyst on the first visit? - Cyst removal NYC

Generally expect to have a cyst to be removed on a separate visit sometime after the initial consultation.  Yes, cyst removal falls into the category of minor surgery.  Although a cyst can be removed on the first visit this is usually not best practice.

Surgical removal of a cyst will require more time than is usually available for your first consultation.  Why? The size and the location of the cyst may impact how long it takes to remove.  For example, when a cyst is on the scalp, it helps to have the patient sit for a few minutes after numbing with lidocaine with epinephrine to reduce the risk of bleeding. Also, if the cyst is inflamed then the dermatologist may want to first calm down the inflammation with a steroid injection to increase the ease and success of complete cyst removal. What is done on the first visit also depends on whether cyst removal is the only issue you ask the dermatologist to address. In short, as cysts are benign, generally waiting to remove them after the first visit creates better outcomes for patients.

Other treatments for cysts

At Aglow Dermatology we can also help you manage a cyst with steroid injections to reduce inflammation should you choose not to have your cyst removed surgically.  We also help you avoid unnecessary antibiotics, which can cause allergic reactions and antibiotic resistance, as we understand that the cause of some of your symptoms are not an infection.

Does insurance cover cyst removal?

Insurance often does cover cyst removal--if there is a medical reason to remove the cyst.  At your evaluation we will inform you if the surgery would be considered medically necessary or cosmetic. If your insurance does not cover the cost we will inform you of the self pay fee after your initial consultation. Many of our patients find cyst removal to be affordable in this situation.

Conclusion- Cyst removal NYC

Although follicular cysts are benign, dealing with a cyst can be uncomfortable and affect your confidence. At Aglow Dermatology, we approach cyst removal in a straightforward process. If you are looking for a dermatologist to remove cyst near me in New York, schedule a consultation with us today!

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