3 ways going to dermatologists save and makes you money! – Musings of an NYC Dermatologist

These days we hear a lot about health care cost, but what about the ways going to the right doctor can save, or even make, YOU money?

Although much information is easily available on the internet, we sometimes forget that training and experience are also part of the equation of what makes that information meaningful and useful. An expert has invested money and trained for years so that they can solve certain problems faster. Of course, you could do it yourself – if you make the same investment—but an expert provides a shortcut. As a board-certified dermatologist with almost 20 years of experience, I can tell you a few ways my service to patients is a profitable investment for them rather than an expense:

1. People who address their skin conditions make more sales.

Years ago, someone I know with had a job in sales called me in a panic. She had a problem with cold sores and she wanted my help. It wasn’t a new problem. We had discussed in the past. She resisted addressing the problem, however, because she felt the value she brought her clients was so great that a minor sore on her face shouldn’t matter. She was smart, so why would anyone care about a blister? That day, however, she found herself with a huge cluster of blisters on her face in front of a client who kept looking at her skin condition rather than listening to her advice and closing the deal. She didn’t make the sale. “I could tell he was distracted by this the whole time,” she said. It’s just human nature to react with a bit of curiosity and anxiety when someone sees a lesion on someone’s skin. Remove the distractions and close the deal.  Further what we focus on grows.  Are we thinking about our acne– or about our goals?

2. People who go to the right experts save, rather than waste,  time and money.

These days going to the doctor involves fees like copays and sometimes missed time from work. Going to the wrong doctors, or other people who are neither doctors nor experts, can be even more expensive. Every week I see busy people who have gone to someone, or many someones, other than an expert who are still dealing with a problem that hasn’t been correctly diagnosed or treated.  They may have even wasted money on services and products that don’t work when the solution would have been cheaper.  They sometimes even get frustrated with me when I diagnose them correctly and it turns out their problem was simple and easy to manage–for a dermatologist. “That’s It? All I have is…?” I understand how they feel. They would have saved a lot of time and money had they sought an expert first. They might have gotten the right diagnosis and plan on the first visit.

3. People judge

If you are a leader, and you have dandruff flakes all over your jacket, people may wonder why you haven’t taken care of that. They may doubt your judgement and abilities. I’m not saying it’s fair, it’s just human nature. I suffered with acne early in my medical career. When I expressed concern about it, I was often told not to worry about it—I was smart, etc. I ignored this advice. I took care of my skin. I noticed that many that had told me not to worry, and some who had noticed my problem and had said nothing, responded differently to me when my face was clear. My personal health problems may not be a reflection of what I can do for someone else, but everyday patients tell me that they came to my office because they thought I had beautiful skin. It’s nice to hear but sometimes I feel like it minimizes my professional abilities. But I understand, that is how it is.

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