Can Allergies Cause Eczema?

Have ever asked yourself, can allergies cause eczema? If you have, this is definitely the post for you. Also known as atopic dermatitis, this genetic skin condition usually causes dry, red itchy skin. It can be controversial as to whether the skin condition or the allergies make the other worse, however, either can increase inflammation in the body triggering the other. There can be a benefit to allergy testing– especially in people with eczema.

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What Types of Allergies Could Be Causing My Eczema?

There are many forms of eczema, and each person experiences different effects. While eczema could be an unfortunate genetic condition, it can also be caused by allergies to types of foods, materials, or something in the environment.

So, can allergies cause eczema? Definitely!

Food Allergies

Eczema caused by a food allergy is most common in children. Eczema is an allergic response to the food allergen when it is consumed.

Environmental Allergies

If you’re experiencing a flare-up of fsrfrsdcx. dgs after being outside, you may have an environmental allergy. These allergies could be from grass, pollen, trees, or even mold. There are also indoor allergens that could cause your eczema, like pet hair and dust.

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Contact Allergies

Eczema brought on by contact allergies, or contact dermatitis, can be caused by certain types of jewelry, makeup, soaps, fragrances, rubber, lotions, cleaning products, and more.

How to Treat Eczema and the Allergies Causing it?

The first step you can take to treat your eczema is to find out what allergies are causing your eczema. Dr. Dina Strachan at Aglow Dermatology offers allergy testing for people who suffer from eczema. During this test, Dr. Strachan will prick your skin and apply the 80 proteins that can cause allergic reactions to your skin. Then we will wait to see if there are any reactions. The whole process usually takes no longer than thirty minutes.

Once we find out what you are allergic to, Dr. Strachan will go over what can be done to avoid your new allergy to prevent eczema from flaring up.

It was great to get an Answer to Can Allergies Cause Eczema, but Now How do you Treat it?

If you suffer from eczema, call Aglow Dermatology in New York, NY, at 212-627-1004 to discuss getting an allergy test. Our team is led by board-certified and internationally recognized Dr. Dina Strachan, who specializes in eczema and allergies.

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