How to Treat a Severe Sunburn

women sitting on the rock looking over the water wondering how to treat a severe sunburn. Knowing how to treat a severe sunburn was the last thing on your mind when you spent all day yesterday at the beach. You wake up this morning sore all over. Just the slightest movement stings your entire back, and you instantly know you’re sunburned. You just happened to forget sunscreen and didn’t realize you had been in the sun that long. Well, now what? This is where some dermatology tips can help you recover. Let’s delve into how to treat a severe sunburn and understand why sunburns happen.

Understanding Sunburns

Sunburns are something most people are familiar with. However, understanding why sunburns happen can help you better protect your skin. Sunburns are caused by the UV light emitted constantly from the sun. UV light actually damages DNA and cells that it comes into contact with. Melanin naturally mitigates this damage but can only provide so much protection. Eventually, the UV light will begin to kill your cells and cause damage to your skin. This damaged skin becomes “sunburned” and reacts by becoming red, sensitive, blistered, and peeling. Then, your body has to take time to repair and heal the damage.

Sunburn Treatment

Drink Extra Water

Your body is healing while it is sunburned. Any time your body is healing, it requires extra hydration to efficiently repair damaged tissue. While you should always hydrate, it’s essential to drink plenty of water when dealing with sunburn.

Wear Loose Clothing

Wearing loose clothing can relieve the pain from a sunburn. Like with any wound, you do not want to apply pressure and cause irritation. We recommend avoiding any tight-fitting or rough clothing that could agitate your skin further.

Cool Baths or Showers

Taking cool baths or showers can help alleviate some of the symptoms of sunburn. Just make sure to pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it. Rubbing your skin dry will only further irritate it. Also, apply a moisturizer containing aloe vera after your bath or shower to lock in the hydration.

Preventing Sunburn is better than Knowing How to Treat a Severe Sunburn

The best way to not deal with the burdens of sunburns is to prevent them from happening. This is most commonly done with protective clothing, shade, and broad-spectrum sunscreen that is at least 30 SPF. Thankfully, at Aglow Dermatology in NYC, we provide comprehensive dermatology services to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Dr. Strachan is proud to educate her patients on their skin and provide them with treatments that alleviate their issues. If you’re having issues with your skin, or want to prevent future skin issues, contact Aglow Dermatology at 212-627-1004 today or go here to set up an appointment.

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