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Alma TED (which stands for trans epidermal drug delivery) is a hair restoration procedure that is FDA cleared for androgenetic alopecia.  The treatment, however, is also appropriate for people with other types of hair loss.  Unlike PRP (platelet rich plasma injections), Alma TED is blood, needle and pain-free.  It is also more consistent than PRP as it involves a standardized dose of growth factors rather than the inconsistent levels of growth factors provided by a person’s on blood.

This gentleman with male pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia, was wearing his hair low to hide the condition.  Androgenetic alopecia is  the most common type of hair loss.  It is genetic.  Also known as male pattern hair loss in men, or female pattern hair loss in women, this type of hair loss is chronic.  He was thrilled at the option to have more hair for a different look.  Here are his results after just two Alma TED treatments.  Three treatments is the standard.


Alma TED results
Alma TED hair restoration after 2 treatments

Before an Alma TED treatment the hair and scalp should be shampooed.  Apply no products before treatment.  Keep the hair clean and dry for 24 hours after an Alma TED treatment. This is to prevent washing away the growth factors that have been driven into the skin.


Check out the results for Alma TED in a patient with traction alopecia!

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