5 reasons seeing a dermatologist in New York City is different

Being a dermatologist in New York City requires different skills than practicing in other parts of the country.

New York City is a vibrant and bustling metropolis known for its diversity, climate and unique lifestyle. Being a dermatologist in this dynamic and competitive city means that patients have access to great care. In this article, we will explore how being a dermatologist in New York City differs from other locations.

From less sun exposure to dealing with a diverse patient population, and from navigating health insurance complexities to having choices, we’ll uncover the distinct aspects of dermatology in the Big Apple. Because being a dermatologist in New York City is different, seeing one is different as well!

dermatologist in New York City
The world of dermatology in New York City is idverse and unique

1. Less skin cancer

Although New Yorkers are used to being ranked at the top, when it comes to skin cancer diagnoses The Big Apple is not a contender.

Skin cancer is more common in locations at higher altitudes, closer to the equator where the population is older with lighter skin and has an outdoor recreational lifestyle. Although dermatologists in New York do diagnose and treat patients with skin cancer, this condition is found less than in sunnier climates such as Miami, Phoenix and California or in mountain locations such as Denver or Salt Lake City. Also, New York City has an ethnically diverse patient population often with darker skin making them at decreased risk of skin cancer.

dermatologist in New York City
Even in the concrete jungle New Yorkers find parks, rooftops and piers seeking sun

Conscientious Gothamites, however, are still careful when it comes to ultraviolet rays. Having less sunshine than many, still, New Yorkers also tend to be health and beauty savvy and often wear sunscreen consistently even in the winter.   Despite the concrete jungle, New Yorkers actively seek outdoor activities and can still experience harmful sun exposure. With parks, rooftop bars, and bustling streets, New York City residents may encounter higher levels of incidental sun damage, making the role of a dermatologist even more crucial. And New York being a major travel hub, New Yorkers often jet set to sunny places so they plan their sun protection in advance. Thus, a dermatologist in New York City must still educate patients about the importance of sun protection and encourage regular skin checks.

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2. A dermatologist in New York City must manage diversity

Due to its history as an immigration hub, the population of New York City is highly diverse compared to many other communities across the country. Diversity does not only apply to racial, ethnic and nationality but other factors.  As a diverse and inclusive city, New York also has a vibrant LGBTQ+ community which has its own skin, hair and nail needs.

Diversity would also include a range of socioeconomic backgrounds.  All of these factors are reflected in the patient population a dermatologist treats.  To provide great care  as dermatologist in New York City must be skilled at treating a broad range of skin types, conditions, lifestyles and unique cultural practices that require specialized knowledge and sensitivity. The ability to understand and address these diverse dermatological needs sets New York City dermatologists apart. This means that patients should be able to find  dermatologist with experience not only with their specific problem and demographic.

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3. Health Insurance


health insurance

Despite the stereotype of a dermatologist in New York City being primarily cosmetic most dermatologists in New York participate in health plans.  According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, New York ranks as among the top states with percentage of the population that is insured.  So patients in New York has access to help with their medical dermatology problems.

 4. Cosmetic dermatology NYC

Yes, one can debunk the myth that dermatologists in New York City don’t take insurance, as a beauty and glamour mecca, New Yorkers definitely bring their doctors a variety of cosmetic concerns.  A New York City dermatologist also needs to have skills in addressing cosmetic issues in a diverse patient population.

5. Competition and Access—“if you can make it here…”

…you’ll make it anywhere,”

Manhattan could be called the dermatology capital of the United States. It has the highest concentration of dermatologists per capita. With its reputation as a global hub for fashion, beauty, and media, New York City attracts top-tier dermatologists from around the world.

top dermatologist in nyc
A dermatologist in New York City must stay on the top of their game

The city boasts numerous renowned dermatology clinics, making competition among practitioners fierce. However, this competition also drives innovation and pushes dermatologists to stay at the forefront of their field. Additionally, the abundance of medical schools and training programs in New York City means that patients have greater access to high-quality dermatological care.


If you want access to some of the best and brightest, a dermatologist in New York City is a great option. Their experience with a diverse patient population allows patients to receive excellent care.  Looking for a top dermatologist in NYC?  Schedule an appointment at Aglow Dermatology here.

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