New Year. New Skin. : Aglow Dermatology introduced The Stem Cell Peel – Musings of an NYC Dermatologist

Harness the power of stem cell extract for younger looking skin!

Increased understanding of the aging process and advances in technology allows for more innovative and effective medical and cosmetic treatments. Stem cells are unspecialized cells that have the potential to divide and renew themselves, develop into different types of cells as well as the ability to induce the growth of new cells and tissue. In the skin, stem cells in the basal layer are responsible for routine renewal of the skin, and repair in response to injury. Stem cell activity decreases in response to aging. Skin aging is characterized by slower cell turnover (leading to dullness), dark spots, and decreased elasticity due to a decline in production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. The introduction of an external stem cell extract can restore the skin organ to a more youthful state and can therefore be a powerful tool in both skin health and beauty.

We help our patients enjoy more beautiful, glowing, youthful skin by incorporating Calecim® professional products (containing stem cell extract harvested ethically from the umbilical cord lining of a curated population of New Zealand red deer) into our post-post peel regimen. This provides a boost during the recovery process resulting in smoother, clearer, more elastic skin without the visible exfoliation of some of our stronger peels. Stem cell extract infused at home products are available via the Calecim website to continue enjoy ongoing benefits.
Whether you’re looking to recapture or maintain your youthful appearance make an appointment today to find out if our Stem Cell Peel is right for you. Aglow Dermatology is the first in New York City to offer this patented system. Call 212-627-1004 x1.  Check out some of the other chemical peels we offer here!

Dr. Dina Strachan is an author, speaker, on-camera personality and internationally recognized, Harvard and Yale educated, board-certified dermatologist who has done thousands of chemical peels on people of all skin types. She is a member of the International Peeling Society. Follow Aglow Dermatology on facebook at @DinaStrachanMD. Follow Dr. Strachan on facebook, Instagram, twitter and linkedin @DrDinaMD.


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