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Introducing Kybella for the treatment of double chin- Musings of an NYC Dermatologist

Improve all of your profiles with Kybella
Improve all of your profiles with Kybella

We always encourage our patients to “keep their chins up” at Aglow Dermatology.  Now, with the availability of Kybella, the only FDA approved treatment for submental fat, or double chin, we are excited that our patients can still feel confident when their chins are down.

The desire to put one’s best image forward is nothing new.  In centuries past, when only the very wealthy were immortalized in portraits, artists knew that part of their responsibility was to portray the subject as more conventionally beautiful than he or she actually was.  As photography became available to the masses, and then digital photography, it is no surprise that it was soon followed by altering technology such as Photoshop.

Smartphone technology and social media has contributed to an explosion of selfies and the need for professional profile pictures…as well as increased self-consciousness about one’s own appearance.  People are now constantly looking at themselves–and from a variety of angles.   They have also become aware of how others may see them from angles that typically in a mirror they cannot see.

The chin and neck are one of those areas that people are sometimes surprised to observe is fuller than expected–especially when their profile is of their profile or their selfie is from a certain angle.

When a double chin, or what some call a “turkey neck” or “chinsulation” is more prominent, is it obvious when facing a person head on—particularly if the chin is down.  It is sometimes obvious sooner when looking at a person in profile.  Although is often associated with being overweight, having a double chin can be just genetic even in a slim person.  Aside from being a cosmetic issue, for some it is also a comfort issue, especially for people who wear buttoned up collared shirts and ties.

Kybella is a non-surgical treatment involving a series of injections spaced a month apart.  The results are permanent.  The effects are the reduction of the fat pad which in some may result in increased definition of the jaw line.  We have already been seeing excellent results in our patients treated with Kybella.

Are you ready to treat your double chin, get rid of your “turkey gobble” or shed your “chinsulation?”  Then, schedule a Kybella consult at Aglow Dermatology today.   Keep your chin up–but not feel like you have to.

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