Concierge Service- Musings of an NYC Dermatologist

We are at your service!

Although Aglow Dermatology prides itself on providing excellent service with efficiency while participating in a variety of health insurance plans some of our patients have needs outside of the customary.  That’s diversity.  Personality research shows that whereas some people prefer limited, concise communication, others are more comfortable with much longer explanations.  Others simply are so busy they need to accomplish a lot in one visit.  For people interested in additional time, the undivided attention of our office, or increased privacy our concierge appointments, offered in 1 hour blocks, may be the solution.  Depending on your needs, this might include a short phone call or telemedicine consult before your visit to our office.

Consider reserving a private hour if:

  • You would like a full hour to have an extended discussion about multiple issues or go into depth about one concern or strategy
  • You would like to address multiple issues beyond what is customary at a typical appointment
  • You are a high-profile person who would prefer the additional privacy of limiting the number of other people in the office during your visit
  • You have limited time in New York City, or travel a lot, and you need to address as many issues as possible in one visit and make certain arrangements in advance

If you require attention that would be suited to a private hour at our office, please call 212-627-1004 x1, or send us a message on the website contact form, for more details.

We are happy to be at your service at Aglow Dermatology.

Dr. Dina Strachan is an author, speaker, coach, consultant, on camera-personality and internationally recognized, Harvard and Yale educated, board certified dermatologist in New York City. Through her practice, books, speaking, coaching and consulting services she shares her expertise with individual and companies to help others have healthy, beautiful lives and businesses. Follow her on facebook, Instagram, twitter, and LinkedIn @DrDinaMD. Follow Aglow Dermatology on facebook at @DinaStrachanMD


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