Neglected areas of the sun protected – Musings of an NYC dermatologist

Even people who are disciplined sun protectors miss areas when they are following the advice to use an sunscreen with and SPF of 30 or higher with UVA protection. Before you head to the beach, on that hike, sailing, or just that walk down the street on day to be spent out in the sun, pay special attention to avoid sunburns and sun damage on theses areas:
1- scalp- people who are balding, who have fine hair, or who part their hair in the middle should consider applying liquid sunscreen to the exposed areas of the scalp or wearing a hat or scarf. Sunburns, or even skin cancers such as melanoma can occur on this area.
2- ears- Whether your ears stick out a little or a lot, they are out there, vulnerable to sun exposure. Make sure to protect them.
3- lips- Lip balms with spf, or opaque lipstick, may be in order if you are out in the sun
4- neck- The neck, particularly the back of the neck, often becomes very sun damaged in the unwary
5- the upper chest- Photoaging on the chest, and increased risk of skin cancer, often make the person who has been so meticulous about facial care, look weathered.


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