Join us in putting our attention and support behind what we want to see more of in 2018!

Happy New Year!!

I took some time to just be, feather my own nest, and commune this last weekend of the year. One of the things I’ve wanted to nurture is where my attention goes. Our lives are made up of what we pay attention to. I want to focus my 2018 on supporting what I like seeing in the world–what I want more of. In December 2015Aglow Dermatology did 31 days of giving–and bloged about it-read about that here:

For 2018 we want to enjoy the benefits all year long. So today marks the start of $52 for 52 Weeks of Giving. Please share your suggestions of organizations–large or small or individuals who deserve our support and to be highlighted on our blog. Join us on the journey! Maybe you give $52…$0.52…or $520. It’s not about the amount. It’s about the spirit of giving! Follow our hashtag #aglowgives2018

$52 for 52 Weeks of Giving

Week #1:  The Committee for Physician Health

“Doctor, heal thyself.”

As a medical office, I feel that it is appropriate to start our year of giving with a donation to an organization that supports doctors in crisis. This is particularly important given the current public health problem of physician burnout and suicide. It is estimated that we lose about 400 physicians a year to suicide. Society wants humanity from doctors. Society must, then, also treat doctors with compassion and humanity.

The Committee for Physician Health provides confidential support, consultation, and monitoring for physicians, residents, physician assistant and medical students in New York State. They also do research on physician health.

Doctor bashing is all the rage in the media these days as there are more and more complaints of lack of compassion from doctors. We can’t expect to get what we don’t give. As much as I am surrounded by philanthropic spirits, this is the only organization I’ve encountered that actually has a mission of compassion for those who take care of everyone else. This is why today Aglow Dermatology shows gratitude for the Committee for Physician Health. www.mssny.org/cph/ Join us!

Dr. Dina Strachan is an author, speaker, coach, consultant, on camera-personality and internationally recognized, Harvard and Yale educated, board certified dermatologist in New York City. Through her practice, books, speaking, coaching and consulting services she shares her expertise with individual and companies to help others have healthy, beautiful lives and businesses. Follow her on facebook, Instagram, twitter, and LinkedIn @DrDinaMD. Follow Aglow Dermatology on facebook at @DinaStrachanMD


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