$52 for 52 weeks- Stoneman Douglas Victims’ Fund- Musings of an NYC Dermatologist

There are no words to describe the tragic school shooting that recent took place at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida–nor the 17 others that had already taken place this year by mid February. But perhaps there are, in fact, words–

never again never again.

Gun violence is more than a political issue– it’s a public health problem.

As a doctor, I find the debate about gun control particularly interesting. Medicine is so heavily regulated–presumably to prevent doctors from causing the public harm. Yet, doctors, who presumably went into medicine to help people, go to school and are heavily vetted and trained before they are given a license to practice. And although an automatic rifle can destroy lives faster than a bad physician, it’s much easier to get a license for a weapon of mass destruction. How can we be surprised at the outcomes we are getting?

On the bright side, times of great tragedy can inspire us to stand up and create the changes–as we see happening with the brave, young survivors of the Stoneman Douglas shooting who are speaking truth to power on the issue of school safety. Gun violence is a public health problem that we need to address–regardless of our political views. That is why this week Aglow gives to the Stoneman Douglas Victims’ Fund— join us!


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