$52 for 52 weeks- Edward and Musicians on Call

Although our blogging has been off schedule for the last two weeks (due to sinus challenges), our giving has not.

Aglow Dermatology welcomes the Grammy’s back to New York City!

Last week, pondering to whom we should give as I was about the get on the subway, I found myself standing behind a homeless man begging for coffee money–and I had cash. “My office makes donations every week,” I said. “Today you get it.” When he looked at what I was handing him, expecting perhaps a single, he looked on in shock to be holding $60. He started crying. “My name is Edward,” he said. “Please pray for me. I need so many things…socks, shoes…thank you.”

As I walked away from Edward, I remembered how sometimes adults used to warn the kids when I was growing up in New York NOT to give to people begging in the streets. “They’ll just spend it on alcohol and drugs,” they rationalized. Perhaps that is true at times. I believe, however, that when we give, although we want to give responsibly, we also must accept that we cannot always control what happens with the money. Sometimes it’s only our assignment to give. What that person does with it is their responsibility. We invite you to join us in a spontaneous act of giving to someone in need who is right in front of you.

And this week, coming off the high having the Grammy Awards in NYC, and Aglow Dermatology being featured in the program,  we gave to Musicians On Call!

Musicians On Call is an organization that harnesses the healing power of music!  Volunteers give live bedside performances to people in medical facilities.  They also provide recorded musical resources to support people on a challenging health-related journey.  Just like one can send flowers to a friend or family member in the hospital, Musicians On Call allows one to send a song.  Music is medicine –and it has a great side-effect profile.  This is why this week we support Musicians On Call— join us!


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