#27/31 Days of Giving – Lava Mae – Musings of an NYC Dermatologist

Oh, to feel clean and fresh! Even in our darkest times most of us find comfort in the life changing magic of a hot shower or a bath. Generation Xers grew up with the commercial for a bubble bath in which a woman moans, “Calgon, take me away!” When I was in college this commercial was sometimes referred to as anti- feminist suggesting that it implied that all women needed was a hot bath. Debating the value of a nice bath is a luxury of those who regularly have access to indoor plumbing. Not being able to bathe regularly is one of the indignities of homelessness. Not only is being unclean socially isolating, but it can be personally degrading. Lava Mae provides mobile showering facilities to homeless people in San Francisco and they are looking to expand. That is why Aglow Dermatology shows gratitude today to Lava Mae. Join us! https://lavamae.org/

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