#25-26/31 Days of Giving- Marianne Williamson and the Central Park Conservancy – Musings of an NYC Dermatologist

A brisk walk in Central Park is one of my favorite things to do –especially on Christmas morning. It’s usually crisp and cold at that time. I usually have to bundle up in a heavy coat, sweaters, boots, scarves and gloves to enjoy the experience. There are usually not many people out with me at that time. In a steel and concrete metropolis, Central Park provides a respite of green that helps one get in touch with one’s spirituality. I love to get away from the commercialism of the season in that little urban retreat. But today was not a traditional Christmas in Central Park. It felt like 70 degrees. There were many people out running, walking and biking. It was the kind of experience that many New Yorker run off to a warmer climate to have in December. I was enjoying it yet I had to catch myself from having a negative thought about it. It didn’t look like Christmas was “supposed” to look–although I liked it. It seemed ridiculous but I felt a little sad. In medicine, when the holidays come around we remind ourselves to be on the look out for people dealing with depression. Holidays activate nostalgia and expectation. We may be inclined to see something as sad when it is not the way it was or how we expected. Being in business for myself has required me to have a strong spiritual (rather than religious) practice. Business exposes one to many expected, and unexpected, experiences. Like Christmas, which may seem just commercial at times, business can also be a spiritual experience. I have read many books and have consulted many coaches to help me run my business. Sometimes what I have received is advice to look more at myself, my intentions and my beliefs than at my operations. Like Christmas, business is both commercial and spiritual. That is why today, Aglow Dermatology shows gratitude to spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson in support of her online ministry, and The Central Park Conservancy for helping us and others for maintaining spiritual connection in a sometimes what appears to be a commercial season. Join us! Merry Christmas! Enjoy the weather! https://marianne.com/. https://www.centralparknyc.org/


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