#24/31 Days of Giving – Planned Parenthood – Musings of an NYC Dermatologist

Regardless of one’s religion, one is likely familiar with the story of Christmas being about a pregnant woman whom no one wanted to help. The recent events, notably in Utah, but around the country show us that one does not have to leave the United States to experience what it’s like to provide health care in a war zone. Doctors and other workers who protect women’s reproductive rights are some of the bravest and most dedicated around. Although abortion gets the most press, Planned Parenthood provides many other services to women such as basic pap smears to screen for cancer and sexually transmitted infection screening. It reflects poorly on our society that people who respect and protect women are under attack both physically and politically. That is why today Aglow Dermatology shows gratitude to Planned Parenthood for their continued stand for women’s health and reproductive rights. Join us! ppaction.org/PPGive2015

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