#5/31 Days of giving- Committee for Physician Health – Musings of an NYC Dermatologist

“Physician, heal theyself.”

When I served on the disciplinary board for the health professions for the state of New York (i.e. medical jury duty) not uncommonly the issue that came up that had someone’s license on the line was a question of the person’s own health–mental and physical–not uncommonly addiction problems–and its impact on their ability to fulfill their duties as a health professional. Although the board was called the disciplinary board, we were often assigned matters that required us to come up with that not only protected the public but that provided compassion for a group that often does not receive it–caretakers.

The Committee for Physician Health provides confidential support, consultation, and monitoring for physicians, residents, physician assistant and medical students in New York State. They also do research on physician health.

Doctor bashing is all the rage in the media these days as there are more and more complaints of lack of compassion from doctors. As much as I am surrounded by philanthropic spirits, this is the only organization I’ve encountered that actually has a mission of compassion for those who take care of everyone else. This is why today Aglow Dermatology shows gratitude for the Committee for Physician Health. www.mssny.org/cph/ Join us!


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