Acne treatment special: $14 chemical peels

When you have acne treatment in NYC you need a peel like you need air because they help clear your skin up faster! Let Aglow Dermatology be your acne clinic in NYC!

$14 in honor or February 14th because…love!

We love new acne patients at Aglow Dermatology! That’s why we are offering $14 salicylic or glycolic acid peels ($200 value) to new patients who come in for an acne consult after 2/14 through the end of Feb 2021! Chemical peels are an excellent part of any acne treatment strategy.
Call 212-627-1004 or contact us to schedule your appointment. Use code AGLOW to get the discount. Share with your friends so that they, too, can enjoy clear skin.

If you are planning to do your peel on your initial visit, please stop any retinoids, glycolic acid, salicyclic acid or abrasive products 3 days prior. We may have to postpone your peel if you have a rash or infection on your face. For a week after the peel there should be no waxing, procedures or acne medicine use. You should also be prepared to stay out of the sun.

Salicylic and glycolic acid peels are light peels with little to no downtime– they are sometimes called “lunch time” peels. Despite having little down time, they can have a big impact on the speed at which your skin clears up when treating acne. That is why when it comes to acne treatment in NYC it’s best to go to Aglow to clear your skin.

Learn more about acne and acne treatment here!

Want to know more about chemical peels? Read this!

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