#10/31 Days of Giving- Wikipedia

I will be the first to admit that I have, sometimes out loud, and sometimes to myself, made fun on someone referencing Wikipedia. The reality is, however, I’ve also used it. Apparently many other people have, too, as it claims to be the most visited website in the world. Wikipedia is a free information source that various people contribute to. It’s a knowledge-base. It is curated differently than a traditional book. Sometimes I trust it. Sometimes I don’t. Just like I sometimes trust books or newspapers, etc. With the popularity of the internet we have to hone our skills of discernment and critical thinking. It is now more important than ever to consider the source. It is really helpful, however, to have convenient access to a knowledge base. It takes resources to create a quality one. The folks at Wikipedia are trying to improve the quality of this popular resource. This is way, today, Aglow Dermatology shows gratitude toward Wikipedia. Join us! https://donate.wikimedia.org

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